Internal Emergency Plan

The Port of Figueira da Foz has an Internal Emergency Plan (PEI), which presents an organizational structure of human and material resources, as well as the procedures to be followed in the face of emergency situations, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of legal requirements in force, within the scope of port security, and to respond to concerns related to the security of populations, both in terms of material goods and the environment.

Protection - ISPS

In compliance with the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code), the Protection Plans of the Port of Figueira da Foz facilities were submitted to the ACPTMP - Autoridade Competente para a Proteção do Transporte Marítimo e dos Portos (Competent Authority for the Protection of Maritime Transport and Ports), for certification.


After assessment, all Port Facility Protection Plans were approved and the corresponding Declarations of Conformity were issued.


The contact details of the Port Security Officer and Port Facility Security Officers are:

Port Security Officer – Joaquim Sotto Maior (96 951 60 83)

Deputy Port Security Officer – António Manuel Roque (969 243 799)


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