Port land

APFF, S.A. is responsible for the Port Authority duties at the Port of Figueira da Foz, having
jurisdiction over port lands, expansion areas and areas of the Maritime Public Domain
attached to the Mondego River estuary.

North bank

The area of ​​jurisdiction is delimited by a line starting at the intersection of parallel 53 750 with the west side of Rua do Engenheiro Silva (A) and follows this road south until it intersects with the south side of Avenida da Foz do Mondego.

It continues along the shoulder to the east, continuing in the same direction on Avenida de Saraiva de Carvalho and on Municipal Road No 600 until it intersects the railway (B), where it then starts to follow the southern border of this path until it reaches the Municipal Wastewater Treatment Station of Figueira da Foz (C), where it crosses the Mondego River to the east point of Serradinho.

South Bank

From the east point of Serradinho it goes south to its limit, then turns west following the southern borders of “Viveiro do Mondeguinho”, “Viveiro do Cerco”, which it crosses in the middle, “Viveiro do Norte”, “Viveiro S. Julião” and “Viveiro D. Maria”.

Crossing EN 109 to the west side, it follows this border south to the roundabout, then goes west and then immediately north to point D.

It goes north to point E, turning west to point F and G where the parallel 52 100 intersects.

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